The Ecocell is a simple and basic DAF clarifier for highly concentrated effluents. The quality of construction, the careful choice of the mechanical equipment and the very conservative sizing make this “low flow” DAF clarifier an “easy to forget” piece of equipment perfectly adapted to small installations. KWI Ecocell is simple to implement, safe and reliable. This unit is available as skid version with pressurization system, coagulation and flocculation tank mixers. Ecocell is available in 8 sizes for flows from 8 to 80 m3/hr.

Main Advantages

  • High retention time and special hydraulic design allows operation without chemicals

  • Very efficient surface and bottom sludge removing systems allows high inlet solids loading and gives high floated sludge consistency

  • Has flocculation and coagulation features

  • Pressurised water injection at a singlepoint with distribution ramp

  • Tanks accessible for operation and maintenance requirements and visualisation of flocs

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Main Applications

  • Oil and fats removal with or without chemical treatment.

  • Food industry effluents with high solids concentration.

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