As an important branch of KWI's products portfolio, the KWI Agitators have been continuously optimized in the past several decades to meet the client’s increasing demands for various applications. KWI’s rich experience enables the agitators to perfectly work in the toughest conditions and thus can provide guaranteed processes for you.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

All our impellers have been carefully optimized using advanced CFD studies by our experts from KWI's R&D Center.

Lifting efficiency and mixing intensity in terms of shear force input or turbulence intensity are consequently investigated in detail to increase the efficiency of our agitators. Our efforts produced highly advanced agitators.

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RapidMix Impeller

  • Hydraulically optimized for large flow applications

  • Up to 35% improved mixing compared to conventional pitched-blade type impeller

  • Blade pitch optimization at early layout stage through vast experience in various applications

RadialFlow Impeller

  • Optimized for high shear energy input

  • Classic 90° flat blade turbine design to provide shear force-base mixing

  • Multiple row design available

AxialFlow Impeller

  • Optimized for high viscosity flow applications

  • 45° blade classic design- produces a desirable balance between flow and shear

  • Multiple row design available

Drive Units

  • KWI offers a series of high-quality drive units specializing in different applications

  • Easy installation

  • Turnkey drive units


RapidMix Agitator

  • Flash Mixing

  • Flocculation

3-Pitched-Blade Impeller

  • Chemical Dosing System

What we do

We design our process packages, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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