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Today, we face challenges and barriers for resource management from industries and municipalities to shape a sustainable environment. Our strategy focuses on world leading research and we stay closely updated on policy goals to allow our clients achieve better results through circular economy. Our research and development team specialize in topics including river management and algae removal, design process development, drinking water, sludge thickening, and phosphate removal and more.

Our strategic positioning allows us to guarantee continuous recruitment of top talent. This network develops new solutions and tests vital, turnkey technologies for our clients.

Process Design for Water Treatment

KWI offers a broad range of high-quality solutions that can effectively target water treatment for municipal, industrial and sea water desalination applications. Supported by our in-house craftsmanship, we offer engineering, procurement as well as construction to our clients, guaranteeing superior quality.

From simple treatment processes to our patented technologies, such as Ceramic MBR and DAF, KWI is continuously innovating and integrating new industry know-how into our solutions.

DAFF for Drinking Water

KWI DAFF simultaneously targets various urgent issues such as turbidity reduction, algae removal, and sludge thickening for your waterworks.

We manufacture and assemble our modular DAFF units to ensure excellent quality and operations, making it one of the most competitive products in the drinking water industry.

River Management and Algae Removal

Poor agricultural surface water management systems combined with rising global temperatures created an aggravating environment for algae blooming. DAF is a proven-method for efficient and effective algae removal and KWI has been heavily involved with tackling algae blooming in different regions.

In Shanghai, China we used a Megacell Horizontal pilot unit for algae removal. The river's clarity recovered within 10 days.

DAF for Sludge Thickening

KWI DAF unit is considered very efficient and is widely used in biological sludge thickening for municipal sewage treatment plants, or in industrial WWTPs.

KWI Sedicell has a mechanically simple and robust construction combined with sophisticated hydraulic design and is most recommended DAF unit for sludge thickening.

Phosphate Removal

DAF is used as a terminal treatment step for phosphorus removal and requires little footprint for installation. Both the Megacell Horizontl and the Megacell Vertical DAF units are highly efficent in phosphate removal.

KWI France supplied a Megacell Horizontal DAF unit for a food processing company for phosphorus removal. The effluent TP was less than 2 mg/L.

What we do

We design our process packages, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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