Computational Fluid Dynamics

KWI’s research team combines our 70 years’ expertise with state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics as a powerful tool to support the design and optimization of our line of products. In particular, we have been focusing this analytical tool on our solid-liquid separations products to study dimensional fluidics as part of our ongoing product innovation.


A comprehensive CFD analysis was carried out to address the design of our high rate DAF systems:

  1. Inner floating mechanis

  2. Flow pattern in the flotation tank

The length, height, baffle height and air inlet height of the DAF tank are chosen as optimization parameter.

Research Outcomes

  • Found optimized parameters to obtain both a good air distribution and flow distribution

  • DAF removal rate decreases as the DAF length decreases

  • DAF removal rate increases with the decrease of height

  • Removal rate of the DAF tank decreases as the baffle height decreases

  • DAF removal rate grows with the increase of the air inlet height

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