Code of Conduct

At KWI we believe in respect, integrity, fairness and every individual’s pursuit for growth. We believe in creating a respectable and professional business environment within the entire Group and across our business practices.

Respect and Social Acceptance

The KWI Group spans across the globe and respect for the diversity, the languages, and the cultures in our Group is integral to our performance and our excellence. By establishing a clear and transparent organizational and reporting structure, we created a culture of respect and clear communications. Each employee is required to respect one another and demonstrate integrity and professionalism across all our business practices.  

Promoting Professional Growth

The success of the KWI group is based on the knowledge, experience and commitment of each employee, which is why we invest in the qualifications and competence of every member across the globe. We engage and communicate with our employees for regular feedback and ways to support them on their road of professional growth.

Fairness, Tolerance and Equal Opportunities

Our appreciation is the same for all employees – regardless of nationality, race, culture, religion, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, political belief and age. As a globally active company we treat our employees with fairness, openness, understanding and tolerance.  


At KWI, integrity is very important to us. We believe in a fair, free and competitive environment for all participants. Domestic and international rules regulate how we conduct our business and sell our products and services. Therefore, all relevant regulations are binding for KWI. All employees are required to respect and comply with the rules of fair competition.

Sustainability Policy

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Quality Policy

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