Chemical and Lime Dosing

KWI has developed a new series of top-of-the-line chemical systems that are optimized to perfectly align with our process solutions. We offer two chemical systems including the chemical dosing skid and the powder handling system, along with suitable auxiliary equipments. These systems are designed to mobile transportation and easy installation.

Chemical and Lime Dosing Skid

KWI’s chemical and lime dosing skid is a new concept in water treatment dosing. This skid has been widely used in electric power, chemical industry, municipal etc.

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The KWI dosing skid is a combination of dosing pumps, solution tanks, control systems, piping, valves and other equipment and components installed on a base to realize the functions of chemical dispensing and metered dosing.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Digital Dosing Pump(s) - Operators can directly input dosing rate.

  • Manual and auto-operation modes are available

  • Control - Various options available from simple manual control to full flow proportional automatic

  • Dose rates - Models available from 0.025 l/h to 3000 l/h

  • Drip tray/bund - The integral bund will contain any leakage and the level switch will inhibit the pump

  • Health & Safety – Offer a complete chemical containment, automatic leak detection cut-off & splash screens, etc.

Dosing Model (Solution Type and Soluble Solid Type)

KWI Powder Handling System

KWI Powder Feeding System combines the bin activator, volumetric feeder screw and cylindrical silo.

KWI Powder Feeding System is extensively used in applications such as municipal industry, petrochemical industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals industry, power industry, etc.

Lime Bin Activator

  • Remove arch bridges and rat holes inside the filler silo

  • Solve clogging and caking issues during powder transfer

Volumetric Screw Feeder

  • Steady flow

  • Weighs and provides quantitative control of powder materials

What we do

We design our process packages, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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