KWI provides a wide range of DAF and MBR rental units to meet short-term client needs. Whether clients want to pilot a new solution before committing to a new purchase agreement or whether their system has a sudden breakdown or needs to treat additional capacity, KWI rental units are ready for shipping. Contact our team for more information.

ECC 06 Ecocell Skid Pilot Unit

Main Applications

  • Food industry

  • Oil-fat & grease removal

  • Sludge

MCH 01 Megacell H Pilot Unit


  • Paper industry,

  • Industrial effluents,

  • Biological tertiary treatment.

MCV-01 Megacell V Pilot Unit

Main Applications

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Process water

  • Fibre recovery

SPC 06 Supercell Pilot Unit

Main Applications

  • Biological sludge clarification and thickening

  • All process water clarification in the paper industry

MBR Pilot Unit

Main Applications

  • Seawater Desalination

  • Drinking Sater

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Industrial Wastewater and Special Treatment

SAF BP5 Klaricell Pilot Unit

Formerly Sandfloat

Main Applications

  • Surface water treatment to potable quality

  • Algae removal

  • Process water preparation and recycling

  • Heavy metals removal (e.g. Cd, Ni)

Our rental units are readily available, please reach out to our rental team for more information.

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