DAF for Largest Desalination Plant in the World

Taweelah DAF project is the largest DAF application project in the seawater desalination industry. KWI designed and manufactured the DAF equipment alongside anciliary pretreatment process packages for the Taweelah Desalination Project.

Year: 2021

Capacity: 2,500,000 t/d

Application: Seawater desalination

Location: Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Duration: 18 months

DAF + Dual-Media Filtration

This application can effectively remove algae from the seawater and reduce the SDI value by complimenting with our dual media filtration system, which can minimize the negative effects of algae to the downstream RO membrane system.

Optimized Design

KWI created numerous 3D model simulations and our experts in CFD calculated the specific fluid dynamics within the sytems to ensure opermized system performance.

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