French Handmade Leather Tannery

A famous French luxury goods company hired KWI to design their wastewater treatment and water reuse processes for their fine leather tannery.

Year: 2020

Location: France

Hourly Output: 100 m3/h

Color: 600 U Pt/ Co

pH: 6-10

Temperature: 10-35 ° C

Chlorides: 1280-1500 ĩS/m

Sulfates: 73.9-127 mg/l

Max COD: 1410 mg/l

Max BOD5: 274 mg/l

MBR Specifications

Pore Size: 200 mm

Membrane: 56 modules

Total Membrane Area: 224 m2

Max Flux: 350-450 LMH

Temperature: 5-60 ° C

Maximum Backwash Pressure: 1.5 bar

Maximum Capacity: 100.8 m3/h

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