KS Filter in Malaysia

Year: 2003

Location: Malaysia

KWI: KS Filter

Capacity: 3 MGD @ 20 hours

Input: Turbidity 1,000 NTU, Iron 1.0 mg/l

Output: Turbidity < 5 NTU, Iron <0.3 mg/l

1. Raw water from the intake pump sump will be aerated at the aeration tower before entering the in-cline plate clarifier

2. Chemicals are added to enhance the coagulation process through an in-line mixer

3. A special built-in zig-zag flocculator will enhance flocculation and dense sludge formation

4. Sludge will settle while clarified water will move up and filter through the KWI KS filter

5. Filtrate will be chlorinated before pumped into the reservoir

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