Qingpu TFD Technology Synergized with Power Generation

The Qingpu Municipal Plant has adopted KWI's thin film dryer technology, which integrates sludge drying with power generation to deliver savings and synergies to the customer and demonstrates a holistic circular way to manage the environment.

Year: 2014

Location: China

Annual Coal Saved: 4,600 Ton/ year

Capacity: 66,000 Ton/ year

Wet Sludge Moisture Content: 80%

Dry Sludge Moisture Content: 30%

Number of Drying Line: 2

Technology: Thin film dryer synergized with power generation

Unique Operating Mode

Involves a comprehensive utilization of the resources of the sludge treatment system which comprises of power plant, sludge drying plant and municipal waste water treatment plant

Holistic Circular Economy Mode

Around 4,600 ton standard coal is saved every year and 11,500 t/a CO2 emissions reduced. 

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