High Speed DAF

The KWI High Speed DAF increases the effective flow area of the unit and enhances the hydraulic capacity of the system by equipping a lamella module to our DAF technology. A combination of DAF & lamella ensures that even the smallest flocs are removed from the feed water, this is the best option to work with large flows with high pollutants concentration. Our design philosophy is focused on delivering a larger overall “available” surface area while maintaining a smaller cross-section and footprint.

Main Advantages

  • Increased hydraulic load to 35 m3/m2•hr

  • Compact and sturdy

  • Significantly smaller footprint than conventional units

  • Lamella module helps to remove contaminants that are too heavy to float

  • Increased effective flotation surface

  • Smooth surface minimizes the risk of froth

  • Microbubbles increases efficiency

  • Capacity is doubled compared to a traditional DAF product

Main Applications

  • Seawater desalination

  • Industrial wastewater with high pollutant concentrations

  • Municipal wastewater

  • Water supply

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