Industrial Water Supply

Industries rely on the availability of large quantities of water to carry out a range of processes including heating, cooling, cleaning and manufacturing. KWI supplies industrial water to help clients meet their water demands at specific requirements.

KWI can offer process solutions to treat the wide variety of feedwaters for industrial water supply and have supplied and installed many reference projects around the world. 

KWI is capable of treating incoming water from a number of sources including surface water, ground water or recycled water. Along with our standard range of DAF products, we can offer our customers and partners a full turnkey supply, integrating our world class products into a complete flowsheet solution.

Physical Chemical Treatments

KWI offers physical chemical treatments to significantly reduce the pollutant load. Our KWI range of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units and Lamellas can be used as primary separation for suspended solids, oil and algae.


KWI DAF units are an excellent fit for industrial water supply because of their compactness, their efficiency toward oil and grease content and their performance in suspended solids removal. We offer a diverse range of products and are adaptable to any constraints.

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Lamella Clarifiers

KWI lamella clarifiers are an easy upgrade from existing, overloaded clarifiers with no room for expansion. Their key features include increased sedimentation surface and system capacity. We offer flexible mounting styles for different clarifier designs.

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Separation Technologies

KWI offers a catalogue of separation technologies that will exceed client demands in industrial applications for separation processes including screens, continuous sand filtration and/or ceramic UF membranes to provide ultra clean process water.

Sand Filter

KWI is experienced in the design and manufacturing of medium- and large-scale horizontal dual media filters such as pressurised filters, V-type filters and variable pore filters to remove total suspended solids and silt before the reverse osmosis.

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Ceramic UF Membrane

KWI offers high quality ceramic UF membranes. The ceramic material offers a unique resistance to abrasive water. The water quality reached after UF treatment is excellent for water reuse.

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Sludge Management

KWI's well-crafted sludge management system offers DAF for sludge thickening and thin film dryers along with ancilliary equipment for both wet and dry sludge management. Our products are optimized to help clients reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

Sludge Thickening by DAF

KWI manufactures DAF units specially designed for biological sludge thickening with high organic content.

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Thin Film Dryer

The thin film dryer is a versatile patented technology that can achieve waste reduction and other resource requirements surrounding waste management.

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Wet Sludge Management

KWI wet sludge management is designed for 60%-80% moisture level sludge and includes auxiliary equipment such as sludge silo, hydraulic sliding framework and wet sludge pumps.

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Dry Sludge Management

KWI dry sludge management generally manages <60% moisture level sludge and includes auxiliary equipment such as Z-type bucket elevator, dry sludge silo, anti-cavitation sludge unloading device, and closed spiral for dry sludge transporatation.

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What we do

We design our process packages, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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