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Steel production is unfortunately associated with large-scale pollution. Water is used for multiple processes such as cooling, descaling, and dust scrubbing. Very little water is consumed and most can be reused or discharged. KWI provides reliable solutions for a sustainable usage of water for your iron & steel application, our technology can offer significant cost savings for your plant.

In the iron & steel industry, fresh water is generally used for processes and cooling, while seawater is generally used after pretreatment for single-pass cooling systems.

Water recovery in the steel sector involves cooling and desalinating water to control salt concentration in circulation systems, and decreasing consumption and discharge of fresh water while improving steel quality and the service life of equipment.

Combining clarifier, reverse osmosis, and ultrafiltration can deliver high contaminant removal and reusable effluent water.

High-quality effluent is easier on the equipment, eco-friendly, and more economically feasible than discharging water untreated into the environment.


KWI’s clarifier products range from our solids contact clarifier to our sedilamella. Each product is specialized for specific applications and can be readily incorporated as part of the design process. Our clarifiers offer reliable operation and easy installation. We can also upgrade existing clarifiers by installing Sedilamella and significantly increase sedimentation surface and system capacity.

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Reverse Osmosis

KWI designs reverse osmosis processes to treat processed effluent and produce high quality reuse water. Reverse osmosis can effectively remove many organic and inorganic contaminants, pathogens and reduce salinity. Our RO process can be easily integrated and installed into any existing facilities.

Ceramic UF Membranes

KWI offers high quality ceramic UF membranes. The ceramic material offers a unique resistance to abrasive water. The water quality reached after UF treatment is excellent for water reuse.

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From scale pits to cooling water and wastewater treatment areas or final discharge ponds, there are various points where oil is bound to meet and mix with water throughout the steel production process.

Nitrogen Dissolving Reactor (NDR)

  • Fast dissolving process: 10 – 20 s

  • No undissolved nitrogen losses at the outlet

  • High dissolved gas efficiency: up to 99%

  • Long-term stability, no auxiliary release device, no clogging caused by corrosion and scaling of the micropore releaser


Our DAF products can successfully remove and recover oil from these various applications delivers significant benefits to those in the steel industry.

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The KWI DNF uses nitrogen instead of air to meet site requirements and is explosion-proof and seal-covered. Our DNF system can reduce oil, SS and COD from water with high mineralization, strong corrosivity, and over limit dissolved oxygen.

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KWI CPIs are a cost-effective, high-rate solution used to separate and recover oil from water. The CPI takes up less space and are a more cost-effective alternative than the traditional API. At KWI we are precise with the design of our CPI products, to proactively accelerate the process of oil separation and recovery.

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  • Pre-treatment

  • Industrial Water Supply

  • Demineralized Water

  • Oil Recovery and Removal

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Sludge Thickening

  • Cooling Water Treatment

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We design our process packages, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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