Lime Water Preparation & Dosing

KWI is a professional provider for lime storage and lime milk preparation technology. Lime water preparation and dosing technology for product water post-treatment from RO process is necessary for permeate intended for potable water application.

Post-Treatment Technology for SWRO

Product water from desalination processes usually have low mineral content, hardness, alkalinity and pH. The lack of carbonate alkalinity and the low content of calcium and magnesium causes:

  1. Public health risks

  2. Unstable desalinated water

  3. Pipeline system corrosion

Therefore, the desalination product water must be conditioned before final distribution and use.

Lime Bin Activator

  • Remove arch bridges and rat holes inside the filler silo

  • Solve clogging and caking issues during powder transfer

Our Mission

Our solutions have been tackling algae removal and keeping SDI < 4 over the last few decades. We carry this experience to your solutions and provide you with a reliable and sustainable solution for RO post-treatment.

KWI is capable of supplying the following lime water preparation and dosing total package, which consists of:

  • Bin activator

  • Volumetric screw feeder

  • Cylindrical lime storage silo and lime saturator

Key Features and Benefits

The KWI lime preparation and dosing technology is also extensively used in SWRO, municipal, petrochemical industry, power industry, steel industry etc.

  • No flying ashes

  • No clogging

  • Consistently high-quality filtered water

  • Long life span

What we do

We design our process packages, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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