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KWI is experienced in the design and manufacturing of medium- and large-scale horizontal dual media filters such as pressurised filters, V-type filters and variable pore filters to remove total suspended solids and silt before the reverse osmosis. We are ASME and ISO certified.

Pressure Filters

Our pressure filters are specially customized by our engineers. Our horizontal filters can be designed as a singular component or separate components. A water distribution structure is fitted on top of a water collection device.

Our pressure filters are installed in many large-scale engineering projects and guarantee a long performance life span. Combined with other pre-treatment technology, such as DAF, dual media pressure filter has been broadly used in the seawater desalination industry to remove suspended solids and silt.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Small footprint

  • Consistently high-quality filtered water

  • Lower construction costs

  • Simpler installation

  • Easy Operation

  • Reduce energy and operational costs

V-Type Filters

Granular media (conventional) filtration is the most commonly used seawater pre-treatment process for reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants today.

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This process includes source water filtration through several layers of granular media (e.g., anthracite coal, silica sand, garnet). Conventional filters used for saline water pre-treatment are typically rapid single-stage dual-media (anthracite and sand) units.

DMGF is a cyclical process that incorporates three sequential modes of operation:

  1. Source water processing (filtration)

  2. Filter media backwash

  3. Maturation process

Variable Pore Filter

KWI’s variable pore filter is designed for percolation filtration, and it has advantages such as filter layer small resistance, high removal rate and high filtration velocity.

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Our variable porosity filter has a positive flow deep bed filter designed with the theory of ‘coacervating’ and it is mainly characterized by using a combination of coarse and fine sand.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Higher hydraulic load, 18-21 m³/(m².h)

  • Better effluent water quality

  • Turbidity removal rate is up to 98%

What we do

We design our process packages, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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