Water Reuse

KWI designs water reuse solutions to help create an alternative source to substitute and reduce water consumption and enhance water security and sustainability. From both municipal and industrial wastewater sources, water reuse can be treated to a range of standards based on the effluent purpose.

Water Shortage

After 10 years an estimated 70% of the population will not have access to clean water in the world, and new sources of water must be developed.

KWI is committed to supplying quality drinking water to communities across the world. KWI technologies combined with our expertise and innovation have enabled municipalities to reliably achieve their drinking water standards.

KWI reuse water can be repurposed for circulating cooling water, boiler make-up water, irrigation water, and more.

The produced sludge can be directly used for the desulfurization process in the power plant that can save millions of USD in operations per year.

Automated Lime Dosing Technology

KWI developed a Powder Handling System, which combines the bin activator, volumetric feeder screw and cylindrical silo.

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Ceramic UF Membranes

The ceramic UF membranes are highly capable against difficult process water. Patented processes offer complete solutions using UF membranes to remove heavy metal and toxic material as radium, arsenic and cyanide from water or sewages. Our production utilizes the most advanced nano-coating technique, equipping our membranes with optimal anti-fouling properties.

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What we do

We design our EPC projects, proposing a wide range of customizable solutions to match market challenges.

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Pulp and Paper

Case Study

Bleached HTMM for Office Paper Production

Location: Russia

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